What can cleaning services do for you?

There are so many cleaning services and cleaning companies in Dubai. All of them have different services and facilities to offer to you!

Do you want to know about these villa cleaning services in Dubai?

If yes, then scroll down and look at here!

  1. Residential cleaning: It is all about cleaning homes and villas. The service, which you have contacted, will send maid, either male or female, at your place and he or she will clean the place in two to three hours. The maids do moping, sweeping and dusting. They can even help you in kitchen chores but for this, you might have to pay them extra money. None of them charge less than 35 AED for an hour.
  2. Window cleaning: It is not easy to clean windows. That’s the reason why they have trained and professional window cleaners who know how to use provided material to clean glass of windows from all sides and make them shine again within the give time. They workers, most of the time, bring their material with them. They use different sprays and techniques to clean the glass but what you have to do is to remove curtains so that they can clean easily. However, it is important to keep an eye on them.
  3. Sofa cleaning: They companies can provide you the services of sofa cleaning in which their workers can swipe off dust and dirt from all nooks and corners of sofa without taking out foams. Although, they clean fine, they charge a lot because it is too tough to clean them. At many times, it might hurt them too. Therefore, use this service when you have to organize party at your place otherwise clean them by yourself.
  4. Kitchen Cleaning: Kitchen cleaning is itself an art because there are so many cabinets in it and secondly it is used a lot from morning to night. That’s why, it is must to call a mid from a company and clean a kitchen with them at least once a year to bring back the lost shine of your stoves, show pieces and cabinets.
  5. Deep Cleaning: It is another to must-to-avail service. The workers who are registered for deep cleaning clean the place from all nooks and corners by cooperating with you and meet all of your expectations. They sweep, dust, mop and do more than this, they clean fans and webs and many other things. Click here for more details.