Increasing your visibility so far as your website can help to get more traffic to your site a lot mroe rapidly. That prompts more business and helps you to improve your bottom line. That means search engine optimization and search engine marketing is a necessary part of your website and your ecommerce business.

The overall goal of search engine marketing is to get a lot of traffic to your website. That doesn’t mean just any traffic. Traffic that is sent to your website must be well targeted and traffic that is ready to buy the products that you are selling. People look for products by entering a search term into the search engine or browser window. The internet is connecting companies and consumers in ways that just 20 years ago were literally unheard of. That doesn’t mean that just dropping your website online is all it takes.

What is required of you to get good search engine placement?  Typically there are several important things that need to play together in order to give you the traffic that you need. Keywords, good search engine ranking, quality content, and SEO are all going to play an important role in getting you the kind of traffic that you need for your business.

Search engine marketing is an additional type of effort that you can add to the fray. In SEO you  are working hard to get good placement in the search engines. This efforrt includes things like inbound links, meta tags, quality content and several other methods. These things together help you to rank well in search for your given keywords. Once you do, then you can also add in SEM or search engine marketing. While seo plays more into the free traffic or organic traffic, SEM is more dealing with purchased traffic.

SEO provides better placement in the overall search engine rankings. SEM buys some advertising from that search engine to allow you to target your traffic still further and get better results. If your seo  is well done and provides you good rankings, this often means that your SEM will cost less, given that you will have better organic rankings and people may also click those links rather than your pay per click link.

Using both top quality SEO as well as SEM often means that you’re getting the best of all worlds. In return for your efforts and your advertising dollar, it means that you will get the kind of traffic that will help to boost your bottom line.

The good ecommerce company doesn’t neglect either SEO or SEM in their overall marketing scheme.

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