First aid is important to teach. There are many things to teach in it. Some of them are very important. Few of them are:

  1. Bandage and creams: Students should be given training that how to do bandage on injured area and where to do if there is pain at any side. They should be taught names of different ointments and creams that should be used to treat such patients. They should know ethics of treating patients and people who are injured and in pain. They should be taught to remain relaxed and confident while doing bandage otherwise they will be unable to do it. Besides this, students are required to know the power of consolation which is important for nurses, doctors and people who are treating are important to use to relax them.
  2. Medicine: If a person is ill or suffering of fever, flu or cough, then there is need to give them tablets or medicines. So, to make them able to treat such patients, it is important to teach them about medicines. They should be show and told names of different medicines that can be given to any patients to lessen pain and suffering. This will make them more mature and confident. You can even make them to make a list of must-to-have medicines in first aid. You can make them prepare a box in which important medicines and bandages and creams should be kept.
  3. Psychological treatment: Psychology is important everywhere. It plays an important role in treatment of every patient. Although, you cannot teach them about psychology and its affect in treatment to students, you can teach them basics like how they should treat them on the basis of behavior. You can tell them that they should not be rude and sophisticated to them. You can advise them to remain calm and humble. You can tell them to try to cajole or handle their patients by speaking kind words to relax them emotionally. Besides this, teach them that they should be extremely polite to old people who are in their 50s and 60s or above than it because they need affection and nothing else.

So, these are few things which are important to teach them in first aid class to make them able to treat different kinds of patients who are either injured or have mild sever or cough.
Dear patients, if you have severe fever or injury, then consult doctor first. Do not go to safety consultant in dubai or ask students of first aid training dubai to treat you otherwise you might feel their symptoms as well.

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