General Motors: Exclusive Diet Program

During the 7-day GM diet program, a dieter must abstain from all the alcoholic practices.  They have to focus on eating protein rich foods and vegetables. Along with that, they cannot add beef in their diet plan. However, instead of beef, they can consume chicken or lean meat.

Originally, the diet was designed to encourage the aspect of health and fitness and weight loss in Dubai. The diet is not only FDA approved, but was designed in conjunction with United States Department of Agriculture. At first, this program was available to employees of General Motors only, where GM Food Service Facilities facilitated its very first fitness and wellness program for its employees.

This diet plan was designed to provide 10-17 lbs weight loss per week along with improving dieter’s attitudes towards body cleansing systematic effects. The diet program is based on foods that burn more calories than the body itself.  It can be employed without fear of complications, which flushes out impurities and offer a feeling of inner balance and well being. Within seven days, the dieter is likely to feel at least 10lbs lighter than the previous weight.

Wonder Soup- GM Diet

This soup is designed to supplement the dieter’s diet and can be consumed any time in virtually unlimited quantities. The dieter is encouraged to consume soup in larger quantities.

Water, 28 oz, 6 Large Onions, Whole Tomatoes, 2 Green Peppers,  1 Head Cabbage, 4 Envelopes of Lipton Onion Soup, 1 Bunch Celery, Flavouring and Herbs as desired.

Points to Remember- General Motor Diet

Vegetables can be eaten in the form of salads. No dressing should be added to it, except white vinegar, malt, wine, garlic, squeezed lemon, herbs and few drops of oil.

Dieters are presented with WONDER SOUP recipe, which can be consumed in unlimited quantities. One can eat it as much as he/she wants. The soup includes green peppers, cabbage, celery etc. If you find it uninteresting, you may put vegetables according to one’s taste or add any vegetable like: green beans, peas, corn, asparagus, turnips, cauliflower, etc. Do not use beans like, kidney, lima, pinto, etc. Even thigh, they are high in nutrients, they are high in calories as well. See more about this to learn more facts.


Dieters may consume:

  1. Water (lemon/lime flavored if desired).
  2. Club Soda.
  3. Black Coffee; No cream and no sugar
  4. Black Tea = Leaf or Herb
  5. You may eat fruits and vegetables, either whole or cooked, not juiced.