Root canal is a term used to describe the decay of a tooth or a cavity inside the center of a tooth. Root canal in Dubai is a procedure which follows the removal of nerve and pulp from the teeth and cleaning it thoroughly as well as sealing to prevent any further tooth decay or complications.

You don’t have to worry about the nerve present in the tooth. The only job of nerve in the teeth is to provide the sensation of hot and cold. When a nerve is removed from the gum, there is no real purpose of it left. It won’t matter anymore if the nerve is there or not and neither will affect your daily life and routine.

The reason why pulp needs to be removed is that it can cause some severe damage. When a nerve tissue or cell is damaged, it can become as an open gate to all the germs and bacteria which slowly creeps into the cavity and makes it space giving birth to puss which can infect the gums and create swelling all around the face and sometimes travels down to neck. Another scary side effect of not removing the pus can be, it can affect the bone in the gums or more scarily, make you lose a bone altogether.

The most visible and obvious symptoms of tooth decay or cavity will be swelling, infection and pain. There can be several reasons to tooth decay or cavity. Chipping of tooth, or repeated dental procedures which can be heavy and harmful, leaving an impact on teeth and gums. Other plain reasons would include not having healthy food or low maintenance of teeth and structure, which can collectively include not brushing teeth properly or flossing either.

Best pediatric dentist in Dubai says that if you face any kind of unusual symptoms in your teeth, you must not avoid it. Visit the doctor as soon as you can and get it checked. It may not be worse – which is a good sign – but if you avoid it, it can become something big. Always make sure that you are getting your root canal done by a professional because they are well aware of your situation and how to handle complications in case of emergencies.

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