If truth be told, the entire experience of breast feeding is different for every mother out there. For some mothers it is rather frustrating to cope with the issues associated with breast feeding. There are certain do’s and don’ts of breast feeding in Dubai that can play a significant role in making the entire process more fun and comfortable for both mother and baby. A few of these are:


1- It is highly recommended for mothers to start breast feeding their babies immediately after birth. In the first two to three days, your breast will produce thick and hihly nutritious milk for the baby. Also known as colostrum, this yellowish liquid will play a significant role in the development of your baby’s immunity system.

2- Make sure that your baby latches on properly to your breast. Remember that, proper latching is extremely important if you wish to have a comfortable breast feeding experience.

3- The development of proper breast feeding habits is extremely important. To make it easier for the baby to latch on your breast make sure that you hold your baby close in a comfortable position.

4- When feeding your baby, make sure that her spine is straight. Your baby will not be comfortable at all if her spine is bent in any way.

5- As a lactating mother it is vital for you to have a healthy and balanced diet. Your baby is going to get just what you eat. For this reason, as any nurse in Dubai will tell you, make sure that you consume foods that have adequate amounts of protein, fats and carbohydrates.

Don’ts of breast feeding

1- Do not try to lose weight too fast after delivery. This is because doing so can have a negative impact over your breast milk supply. Instead, you should try to gradually lose weight in a year or so.

2- Whatever you eat goes straight to your baby, which is why you should avoid taking medicines or drugs that can affect your child.

3- Crash diets should be completely avoided by breast feeding mothers. These diets tend to deprive the body of essential nutrients. This will impact your breast milk supply in a very negative manner.

If you wish to develop a health relationship with your baby, while guaranteeing the adequate supply of breast milk, then make sure that you pay attention to the do’s and don’ts of breast feeding that are mentioned above.

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